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No Explanation Necessary

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

(Click the picture for the original size.)

(UPDATE: Greetings to the visitors from Pamibe‘s Carnival of the Canines! I guess at this point I should explain, since some of y’all don’t know us as well, that this is Bristol, trying to finish the job of tearing up my houseshoe, like he’s torn up half the other stuff in our house …)

The Interview

Friday, February 8th, 2008

I didn’t post last night because I was busy cramming for a job interview that I had today.

Yes, I’m such a nerd I study for interviews.

Anyway, I won’t go into detail at this point, but it was actually an enjoyable interview, because they seemed to really be impressed with my wide variety of experience.

It’s good to have your abilities respected every now and then, especially when I’m job hunting, and especially after I was having to do all this random stuff that had nothing to do with my skills for my last two years at my previous job.

Also, it’s a great little company with smart, friendly people, and I learned a lot of fascinating things about the business they’re in. Bonus points: The owners love dogs, and often have their poodle at the office. Unfortunately, they don’t have a health plan, so I don’t know if we would be able to work out enough to pay compensate, but it would be a chance to use both my creative abilities and my office skills.

Anyway, there’s my obligatory post, and now I’ve got to get back to working on the music thing …

Too busy musicking …

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

… or rather TRYING to be musicking, and failing miserably.

But still I need to post, so here’s a picture I took yesterday of my exercise buddy, Gracie:

Gracie is a sweet little doggie on my walking route, a couple of blocks south of my street. I met her just less than two years ago when I had to start my walks to rebuild my lung power, and now she usually runs to the fence when she sees me coming, so I can pet her through the links (she’s too short for me to reach her over the fence).

I got to see her again today, since it was extra-warm again (record heat for this date! 84F!) and it might be the last warm day for a walk for a while. This time when I stood up after I petted her, she stood up too, and whined for more petting, and leaned against the fence so I could scratch behind her ears.

Yeah, I’m a sucker for puppies. But look at those beautiful brown eyes! Isn’t she sweet?

(BTW, I’ve talked to her owner a couple of times, that’s how I know Gracie’s name. I’m not going pet psychic or Dr. Doolittle or anything.)

Anyway, that oughta hold ya; now I’m going back to not being any good at doing music.

UPDATE: Welcome, new visitors from Pam’s Carnival of the Canines! Please bookmark the main page here and keep coming back!

Busy Saturday

Saturday, January 5th, 2008

Let’s see if we can make this quick, starting with re-using my 5th Blogiversary bullet:

I was trying to run a boot-from-disk Linux distro on the computer I keep in the garage, and got this on the screen.

“Ok, booding dhe kebnel.” I thought the computer might be drunk …

Actually, it’s probably a corrupted RAM chip. I haven’t used the thing since last spring, so anything can happen with the temperature extremes we have around here. I’m sure I’ve got some suitable spare chips around here somewhere — what kind of geek would I be if I didn’t? — but they weren’t in any of my garage stashes, so I blew it off for tonight.

Anyway: “Gelcome do dhe KNO@@IH life Lineh-on-CD!” Click here for an easier-to-read view.

The reason I was trying to use the outside computer is that it was unseasonably warm today, probably close to 80F, and at least 20 degrees higher than the high yesterday. I finished raking the leaves in the back yard as my exercise (since my tendonitis was killing me from the fitness center treadmill yesterday). After I was done, it was still so nice out that I decided to sort out some of our (my wife’s) endless boxes of Christmas stuff in the garage so we could actually WALK out there, what a concept.

And by the time I was finished with that, the ABC News/Facebook debate was in full swing on TV and Thistle and Shamrock was starting on NPR, and since it was still a nice night and all that was still not enough stimulation (not that I have raging ADD or anything), I decided to boot up my “live” Knoppix games disk, since unlike some other distros I’ve got (like Ubuntu) it would work well on the 256 megs of RAM on the garage PC.

But alas, it was not to be.

Molly & Bristol “helped” me rake the leaves, and I got to show them off when a guy down the alley brought down his little girl who had begged him to take her down to see the two barking dogs. As a bonus, I also got some footage of Bristol bouncing like he’s spring-loaded as they were walking toward the yard, and it might be enough to make it worth editing a little and posting to YouTube. That new little Olympus of ours can do amazing video, as long as there’s enough light.

About 10 tonight we heard a police siren give a couple of blasts, like somebody was being pulled over, and it sounded very close. Then Molly started barking at the front door so I thought I’d check it out.

There was a fire truck, all its lights flashing, in the middle of the street in front of our house, an ambulance in front of it, and cop cars both in front of and behind those. Cars on both sides were forced to turn around and go back down the street from when they came.

It turns out that all the action was focused on the house to the east of ours, the family from Mexico. We never did figure out what was going on, but I’m going to ask around on our community bulletin board, because you just know there’s always got to be a Nosey Nellie monitoring the police scanner to be up on all the juicy goings-on.

Don’t you just love the Internet.

And finally some sad news today: I’m always mentioning the World’s Greatest Dentist, Dr. Mary; today her mother-in-law passed away. My wife was taking the news hard since her dad and Dr. Mary’s husband’s dad were friends from way back, and the families new each other well.

Sorry to end the day on a bummer note, people, but sometimes that happens.

My 5th Blogiversary, Part 2

Monday, December 31st, 2007

Continuing now with my Five-Year Blogiversary commemorations, here’s more yammering about personal things that nobody cares about, just like bloggers used to do it during The Golden Age:

I have several long-sleeve dark t-shirts that are among my favorite things to wear in the winter, because they’re comfortable, they’re relatively warm, most of them have pockets, and even I look better in dark colors.

The reason I bring this up is that, as of last night, I have one fewer of those shirts.

Well, I still have the shirt, but two places on the collar — right in the front, very prominent — have big chunks torn out of them.

Yes, Bristol Destructodog has struck again. We keep thinking that he’s over that phase, then we turn around and find something of ours with huge chunks forcibly removed by tiny but powerful little jaws.

Here’s a picture of some of his early work, along with a picture of the artist (inset):

You can click here to view a gallery of more of his destruction.

Speaking of pictures … But first, here’s a bit about one of my favorite films, Koyaanisqatsi. Throughout the movie, Hopi Indian prophecies are sung in their native language, and those songs are translated at the end. One of the prophecies is:

“Near the Day of Purification, cobwebs will be spun back and forth across the sky.”

Well, here’s a picture that I took on Christmas morning:

Click on the picture to see the large view, and click here to see all the pictures I took.

Pretty strange, huh?

“Day of Purification”, remember those words.

I made stuffed mushrooms tonight, for the first time in at least three years, and they were wonderful, probably my best ever.

No pictures, though, sorry.

We watched another movie today: Open Season (the one about the domesticated grizzly and the one-antlered elk [Martin Lawrence, Ashton Kutcher] trying to get back to civilization on the first day of hunting season. It wasn’t bad, but it’s no Pixar work. It seemed very derivative, and of second-tier works like Shrek and Madagascar.

I’ll bet you’re wondering what music I’m listening to right now on my Logitech USB headphones as I labor over this mess.

Well, since you ask, little Miss Nosey-Nose, I’m listening to Luscious Jackson‘s Fever In Fever Out.

‘Cause you know how I feel about Chicks with Guitars.

Here’s a video of their biggest hit, Naked Eye:

Well, that should be enough pointless Blogiversary blogging just to prove that I’ve still “got it”.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a New Year’s date.

Obligatory Bristol Pic

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Which would you rather have, another blowhard post by me, or pictures of the cutest puppy on the planet?

Good choice! Click here, and be sure to check out the largest versions of each.

News, from Glad to Sad

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

Three news items from friends, ranked from gladdest to saddest:

1. This isn’t actually news, but I had mentioned that Yay Kim was participating in National Solo Album month, and, for a limited time, you can download and listen to her finished work!

I listened to it last night, and it’s great — you wouldn’t know (if you didn’t already) that she knocked the whole thing out in just a month.

2. I don’t know if I’ve told you about my friend Nick back home. He and I had been friends since we were babies together in the church nursery, then I moved away, and for the last 20 years or so I’ve only seen him when I go home to see my mom.

Ten years ago last April, he was diagnosed with Multiple Myaloma and given six months to live. He eventually beat the cancer through a combination of chemo, radiation, and bone marrow transplant.

Then the cancer returned, so he beat it again. Six months has turned into almost 11 years now.

Still, not everything is totally peachy; something unexpected has happened:

Early this morning, his house burned to the ground, and he and his family escaped with only the underwear they had on.

Bet that’s not what you thought I was going to say, is it?

But anyway, my mom says they’re all okay. His parents have a big house, and lots of people in town are pitching in to help.

First order of business: Getting everybody some pants.

Then, shirts.

Seriously, though: He’s taking it all in stride, and compared to two bouts with cancer, this is probably nothing to him.

Dodging death is his specialty, it seems.

3. Our good blogging pal Pamibe‘s sweet chubby little dachshund Zoe passed away late last month, and she wasn’t even ten years old.

And you know us: Somebody losing a pet, even if we’ve never met the person or canine in question, is often sadder than when a close friend loses a family member, especially for my wife.

Because let’s face it, dogs are better than people. It’s a proven fact.

Anyway, go check out little Zoe’s pictures, read her memorial, and grieve with the rest of us.

1 Picture = 1,000 Words

Friday, December 7th, 2007

I couldn’t post anything else today, because nothing else could compete with this:

Be very afraid!

Seriously, click here to view the larger version in its full glory.

How would you like to encounter that in a dark alley?

Post-Thanksgiving Wrapup

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Since Thanksgiving’s over, out comes the Christmas-themed bullet points!

We’re not out of leftover turkey yet — not by a longshot! — but we’re a little tired of eating beige after three days, so tonight we froze what was left and I made some chili. It was a nice spicy change.

Another reason my wife was in the mood for chili is that it finally got cold this week. Until Wednesday, the highs had been in the 80s for about a month; not your typical autumn weather, but still fairly normal for Texas these last few years.

Anyway, it’s been downright nippy, at last, though not below freezing where we live. It’s been a nice change. Also, it’s been raining quite a bit today, and it’s been dry for a while, so that was nice too — as long as we can keep Molly and Bristol out of the mud pits in the corners of the yard, which are there because she has trampled all the grass within four feet of the alley totally out of existence.

Ah, doggies: What can you do?

Each Saturday night, G4TV has been replaying the previous Monday’s episode of Heroes, and afterward having a half-hour “Post Show“, where they analyze the show, chat with viewers, and interview cast members. It’s too bad more shows don’t have this kind of audience participation and independent analysis — but notice that it’s not NBC or any of the other big networks doing this, but a relatively minor cable channel (hey, it’s no TBS) that’s making the innovation.

That’s why the majors are going down the tubes.

Anyway, it’s great to get a second chance to see this extremely complicated show, especially because it’s been getting really, really good recently. I won’t spoil it for those who have recorded but not watched it yet, or who are waiting to see the whole season on DVD, or for those overseas that can’t see it yet, but … man oh man! Mohinder is crossing more and more lines he’s drawn for himself … Claire’s dad teamed up with her boyfriend, whom he had “tagged and bagged” for the Company years before … Matt Parkman is expanding his powers …

Anyway, if you don’t watchthis show, and you can, you really really should.

Speaking of G4TV, I saw this on Attack of the Show last week and forgot I hadn’t posted it yet: “Nascargot”!:

And in case snails is not what you wanted to end this post on … here’s Pomeranian puppies — lots and lots of them! And the William Tell Overture!

Pippin, We Hardly Knew Ye …

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

You may recall my mentions of little Pippin, the dog we’ve puppy-sat a few times since September of last year. We just found out that she passed away this morning, while being kenneled at the vet for having a sick stomach for a few days. They think it might have been pancreatitis.

Pippin was a nervous little dog, and needy, and she drove Bristol crazy. Those two always ended up chasing and fighting, and that was driving poor, quiet Molly crazy.

Still, she was sweet, and it’s sad when any pup has to go, and we’ll miss her.