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Another Year — that makes 15 now …

Friday, December 29th, 2017

Oh Lordy, has it been another year already?

Ah, those heady days of 2002, when the concept of blogging was still fairly fresh, and wasn’t the domain of corporations and the cynically ambitious (I’m thinking “mommy bloggers” and “lifestyle bloggers”, but there are others).

15 -- 200 pixelsNobody just blogs as an informal journal any more — that’s what the then nonexistent “social media” is for: The Facebooks, the Snapchats, the Instagrams, the things that old people like me won’t even hear about for another ten years, but which are already indispensable to high school students, and twenty-somethings that think they’re still as cool as high school students.

I mean, why bother, when there’s always Facebook, and the things you post will be automatically foisted on your contacts, without them having to lift a finger to get to your page?

I guess I still maintain this cyberfootprint because it was the one time of my life that I was actually ON the curve, one of my few accomplishments.

Marie and familyI don’t even see fit to post the huge developments in my life — like, for instance, the fact that this past June I finally found my biological family. (I have a sister! And a niece and nephew!) Okay, tell you what: When I actually get to meet them in real life, I’ll be sure to post it here first.

I had been on for four years (and another DNA site for 11), with nothing to show for it, when one day I got a message from a young woman saying that the DNA test results said that we might be first cousins. She told me her mother’s and grandmother’s names, and I compared that information to what I already know … and I replied, “Well, I’m not your cousin … I’m your uncle.” Needless to say, her mom was a little shocked that she suddenly had a little brother …

Mom at Bryant farm houseAnd in other family news, my mom (adoptive mom, but my mom nonetheless) died on Labor Day of 2016, after a lengthy battle with poor circulation in her legs. She was 95 going on 96, and still had most of faculties (minus a bit of delusional dementia). The first year without her was tough, but I’m beginning to come to terms with it.

Lexi smilingOn a happier note: We now have our third rescue dog (and second Pomeranian), Lexi. She’s only about seven pounds, but she had tons of personality, and Bristol is surprisingly okay with sharing the spotlight (and laps, and treats) with her.

Aaaaaaand … that’s about it. That’s all that’s happened in my life. Sheesh, no wonder I don’t post any more.

But hey, I know life is more than dead loved ones and long lost family. It’s also about food (I tried out three of the meal-kit services in 2017!). It’s about getting older (I’ve finally admitted to myself that pretty much all of the music coming out these days sucks, and is going to keep getting worse, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, for the rest of eternity). It’s about great TV shows and movies and cheap books from the library book sales and tick infestations and things going on in politics that really piss me off.

So yeah, maybe I should post more.

I just shouldn’t expect anyone to read it.

The old Lubbock crewAnd oh yeah, I can’t sign off this blogiversary post without mentioning: At my mom’s funeral I got to visit with some old friends, three-quarters of my old Lubbock crew, seen here looking like a cast photo from a Guy Ritchie heist movie.

So anyway: Yeah, see ya around.

New Bristol Video!

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

In fact, I think it’s my first ever video of Bristol that I’ve posted:

I think I’ve posted more videos in the past 2 months than I did in the previous 36 months! I think I started out as too much of a perfectionist, wanting to do titles, or have better lighting or sound, or just generally making more of a production out of it.

Now I’m finally more of a mindset of where I’m saying, “Ooh, that’s cool, let’s upload it! — NEXT!”

Anyway, check out his frantic little paws, batting at my shoes through the crack in the door. Never fails to crack me up!

Irish Festival Posting #3

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

I thought this was hilarious – these three sweet pups running for safety, and two of them actually make it onto the lap!

Happy Thankfulnessfeeling Day!

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Mmmmm, gourds!… in which we Americans kick off the holiday season with the traditional Stuffing of the Face.

I hope you’ll pause a moment and feel lucky to have what you have, and realize that there were times in your life when you didn’t have it so good.

For instance: Earlier this week, I bought a pecan pie, as required by Texas law, and today, my wife’s customers at the beauty shop gave her THREE more pies — which makes us a four-pie family this holiday.

For which I am thankful.

And this year I have a job which just keeps getting better, and I’m also getting better at my music projects, and my wife and I just celebrated 13 years of marriage, and we have two beautiful and hilarious doggies, and we have an appreciation of life and the arts and entertainment.

And a lot of people don’t.

So look around you and like it.

Feels good, right?

Meet Dixie!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Seriously, could YOU have resisted this face?

We’ve had her just over 24 hours now, and she has quickly made us her own. We don’t know her history, but she’s obviously been trained, including her potty habits.

Most importantly, Bristol isn’t in a constant fret over having another dog around, and in fact seems to enjoy the company.

More pictures and updates will be forthcoming …

New Doggy!

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Yes, we interrupt these updates once again (seeing as I can’t get around to catching up) to make a major announcment: We have a new dog! Here name is Dixie, she’s allegedly a sheltie/Australian shepherd mix (but I distinctly detect beagle influence), and she’s very sweet, just like our little Molly. We got her from the same rescue group that we got Bristol, so we were pre-approved, and got to bring her home after the first visit.

Bristol seems relieved to have a big sister once again. He’s seemed lonely this past three weeks. We’re glad we found a dog that’s similar to Molly in many ways, because we were afraid that Bristol would be too territorial and aggressive if we brought in another small lapdog type.

But he’s accepting her, and even seems to be enjoying her presence.

As for Dixie, she’s settling in nicely, and doesn’t seem to be nervous at all.

By the way, I know you’re going to be shocked, but I DON’T HAVE ANY PICTURES. See, I didn’t want to use the flash, since that might scare her, and pictures taken without the flash didn’t turn out well. Plus, I can’t seem to find the USB cable for the camera (the stupid Olympus uses a proprietar USB cable, so ordinary cables won’t fit) and I don’t have an up to date cable reader, so a workaround will take a little time, but it the mean time, here’s her page on Petfinder. (If the link isn’t working for you, that’s probably because they’ve taken it down, since she’s no longer available.)

But stay tuned for photos and updates!

Update #1: A Death in the Family

Friday, April 10th, 2009

As promised, I’ll start catching up on important developments I haven’t been able to blog about over the past six months, starting with the most recent and the one that’s most affected our lives: The sudden loss of our sweet Molly last week.

Molly, in January 2009

We had gotten Molly almost exactly 5 years earlier and nursed her back to health following two surgeries and a possible lack of nutrition due to being fostered in a house with several other dogs.

Molly was the sweetest puppy you could ever hope to know, and was the perfect big sister, first to Schotzy, and, after he passed away in July 2006, to bratty little Bristol.

Last Wednesday morning she seemed fine, but in the afternoon she was having trouble standing, and by the time I left for my evening shift at work, she had no energy and wouldn’t even stand on her own. She was unresponsive when my wife came home from work, and the vets kept her for observation and did all that they could, but by 7 PM, she was gone.

The vet told us the next day that she had had a tumor on her spleen, and that tumor had ruptured. There was nothing that could be done.

We were devastated, of course, but we loved every minute of the five years we had with Molly, and we’d like to think she felt the same. She’ll be in our hearts forever.

You can help us celebrate her life and honor her memory by checking out Molly’s photo gallery on Flickr.

I think I’ll go cry now …

Various things

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Okay, a few things:


Okay, actually, it’s tomorrow (Friday the 11th), but I have to do it now so that he can actually SEE it on time.

In case you’re just tuning in, The Spook is my old college buddy, who sometimes checks in here and comments, and used to send me cool stuff to post, like pictures of the huge pistol-shaped barbeque grill that he designed (Google it, you’ll find it).

So click on the comments box and leave him a happy birthday wish.

Next thing:

I’ve had a really intriguing job interview this week — a well-funded startup that can mold a position around my exact skills, and it would probably be a manager position — and even got called back for a second interview, but for some reason I’m still not entirely hopeful.

Next: You’ve probably heard about the LOLcats phenomenom, also known as the I Can Haz Cheezburger phenomenon (again, Google-image it if you’re not familiar), and now, a couple of years after the fad hit its peak, I’ve finally decided to jump on the rickety old bandwagon and make one of my own:

Again, if you’ve been reading here for a while, you’ll know this is Schotzy, our pomeranian that passed on in July 2006, and this is just one more excuse for me to post this picture again.

And finally, speaking of Friday (I was earlier, keep up, slacker), this is hilarious:

Cincinnati news folks get down and/or funky:

(Via Attack of the Show.)


Monday, March 17th, 2008

Our Flickr puppy friend, Miss Sarie, is here to wish us all a happy day, and you can see all of her pictures (including her new Easter outfit) here.

Quick Catching Up

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Let’s see if we can make this quick:

It’s snowing! And it’s the first and probably the last time this winter, but it snowed quite a bit, already 3 inches accumulation on our cars at 9:00. This is on top of the fact that it was 80F here on Saturday, and pretty warm yesterday too.

And yes, I probably should have posted this a couple of days ago … but I did actually finish the RPM Challenge! And since I actually finished, on time, and my finished album isn’t a total humiliation, I’ll gladly give credit (as opposed to blame) to Yay Kim, who told me about the challenge and encouraged me to enter.

Of course, I also need to thank my wife, who told me I really needed to do the challenge, and was patient through all the time I spent doing music. She understands creative urges like that.

Anyway, I’ll give you a link soon to listen to my stuff, but until then, listen to somebody else’s stuff, namely that of Another Cultural Landslide (ACL), one of my favorite artists from the challenge, in an instrumental track cryptically entitled Fred and Ethel Go Bowling.

So why hadn’t I posted until now? Because I was at the Irish Festival yesterday, duh, and that brings me to a shout-out that I promised Emily from Luton, England. Emily works in one of the clothing shops during the festival. I bought a shirt from her last year, and we talked about the TV show that she & my wife like (“Keeping Up Appearances”), so this year I decided to snap a picture and make her a part of my festival commemorations.

You can see more of my festival pictures (just the first 100 that I’ve uploaded so far) by clicking here. (That picture yesterday was one of them, the most amazingly healthy bit of festival food I’ve ever heard of, a fruit salad served in a hollowed-out half-pineapple! And it was great!)

More pictures forthcoming.

And speaking of this month’s Irish celebrations, our Flickr friend Miss Sarie rode in the Saint Patrick’s Parade and fun dog show in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia (they have it early to beat the rush, apparently). The first year she went, she won the coveted “Best Irish Costume”, and this year she got her picture in the paper. Click on the picture to see more!

And now for something completely different: One of the commercials in the Snickers “Feast” series.

I didn’t really care for them at first, since the whole concept seemed kind of pointless, but for some odd reason I get a kick out of this one that they’re showing these days:

You can just never tell what’s going to make me laugh …