Go-Gos Still Go-Going

I recorded the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, for the sole purpose of watching the Go-Go’s — even though I’ve seen them do We’ve Got the Beat dozens of times over the years, and even though they never vary how they do it, even in length.

Kathy-nowFormer member Kathy Valentine, in a comment on Facebook the day after the performance, talked about the do-it-exactly-the-same mentality that she says is the reason she was booted from the group:

Well it’s old news now. better to comment with some distance. my opinion is that it sounded fine for a live tv performance. lead vocal a little pitchy and shaky but no biggie. No mistakes–how could there be though? The bass player played the song fine but looks wrong for the group vibe. doing those hard rock stances in a matron length dress doesn’t work for me. it didn’t look like they were having any fun, but I know it’s hard to do those big televised things. I felt bad for them kind of, because they got good placement and a great set, yet it still felt like they were the stepchild at the family reunion, and I bet they felt that way. It’s hard to be the irrelevant act on a roster of hit makers, no matter what your opinion of the song or the performance was, that was the circumstance. I never understood why the band wouldn’t work the WGTB breakdown better–I used to beg to make more of it. It’s the perfect chance for audience engagement, everyone at concert is on their feet having the best time–give them more than 8 bars to enjoy it. From afar, I give them this advice once again, for the farewell tour: change it! extend the breakdown! make it fun! stretch the song out to, oh I don’t know, maybe 3 and a half minutes. Oh wait, but that would be DIFFERENT, got forbid. When we played it with Beck sitting in and Jack Black singing, I was trying to make everyone play the song a little longer so we could have FUN. how often does that happen, where we have ****ing Beck and Jack Black on stage with us?! Keep it going! No way. They refused to make it longer. everything is exact. every fill, every strum, every length–unless it is decided on ahead of time and rehearsed extensively. exactly the same. drove me crazy. it’s all about giving the fans MORE, in my opinion. once they are there, having paid their ticket price, give them a show. While we’re on the topic, I also used to beg for this–check this out: I used to suggest, over and over, that Jane sing Rush Hour or some song of hers, while Belinda went off stage to change clothes. Presto!!! You have made Jane happy, given the audience another recognizable song, and added completely free production value with a simple outfit change. I really tried to implement simple easy things that would make a better show. They can say whatever they want about me, but that’s the truth, and I have the emails to back it up. ok, there’s my review and rant. enjoy. curse me out. whatever!

If it’s all true, it seems an odd habit for a band that broke so many of rock’s rules at the time.

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  1. Neil M Says:

    Thanks for relating this. Kathy Valentine is a part of the Go-Go’s and, to me, always will be.

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