J-Punk, Girl Edition

Everybody who reads this blog knows how much I like chicks with guitars — I even have a whole category dedicated to them (although it’s a fairly new category, and I don’t have all relevant posts indexed as such right now).

ANYWAY: I recently ran across a Reddit thread from a year or so ago in which Japanese girl bands (rock, not pop) were being discussed, and I figured it was time to compile a few into a post. (Spoiler alert: There are several songs by Shonen Knife.)

So here we go:

The’s (the band featured in Kill Bill):

Princess Princess, mid-1980’s:

The same band, just ten years later:



Probably the most famous of all the Japanese girl punk band’s Shonen Knife, with a Ramones cover:

And while we’re at it — another Ramones cover by Shonen Knife!

And another!

And now for something completely different: Shonen Knife covering a Carpenters tune:

And the Monkees:

And at last, a Shonen Knife original:

Can you tell I like Shonen Knife? Does it show?

These girls are unclear on the concept: Thug Murder should be the name of an American rap act, not a Japanese punk band. Anyway, this is a cover of an old U.S. hit:

The best band name of the bunch, Red Bacteria Vacuum:

Watashi Wa Arashi:

Some of these bands are more heavy metal than punk, this one more than any of them. At least the sound is clean and crisp, and there sure aren’t any other metal bands that look like this. Bonus points: The band name, “Band Maid” is one of the great Engrish terms — it almost makes sense on some level, but mostly not.

And finally: A song that starts J-pop and quickly turns metal:

Okay, one more: Here’s a band that wasn’t mentioned in the Reddit thread, but I’ve known about them for years. I prefer their song “Soap and Cigarettes”, but I can’t find a video anywhere, so here’s Dirtruck with a different song that’s not as good:

Whew! I actually know about lots more girl J-Rock, but that is for another day. For now, go exploring for more by these bands on YouTube.

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