War of Heroes

We went to see the latest Avengers movie today (okay, technically it was a Captain America movie), and by gosh those people know how to make a movie. Two hours and twenty-eight minutes of action and storytelling that gives you your money’s worth, even at today’s inflated prices.

Here’s a shopping list of the good stuff:

Jam-packed full of stars even in minor roles. You expect the stars who play the main characters, but the number of award-winners and -nominees is astounding: Alfre Woodard, Martin Freeman, William Hurt, Marisa Tomei, Hope Davis, John Slattery — I always say it’s a bad sign when a big movie skimps on the talent, and this one doesn’t.

Emily VanCamp. She’s cute as a button.

I’m also getting to like ELizabeth Olsen, who, if you don’t recognize the name, looks like a younger Rashida Jones.

Ant Man and Spiderman join the fight, and it’s a nice touch to have two eager, starry-eyed beginners battling alongside the sometimes-jaded professionals. As Falcon tells Spiderman at one point, I don’t know how many fights you’ve been in, but usually there’s not so much talking.

It was also gratifying to see the barely-in-puberty Spiderman hold off three experienced heroes all by himself.

The fight scene choreography was a star of the show all by itself. Watching Black Widow, with no weapons and no armor, take out a platoon of commandos was a joy to behold. And the fight scene in the stairwell, with Cap and Bucky taking out a team of SWAT police, was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

As my wife pointed out, the Scarlet Witch has very cool powers. In a movie full of combat-trained agents and masters of technology, her abilities are different and distinct.

Don’t think the technology isn’t great in itself, though. Falcon has a really neat drone that he uses for reconnaissance and air support, as needed.

So yes, a wonderful movie. This is why we have Hollywood.

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