Reputations In Jeopardy

Power PlayersThis week is Power Players Week on Jeopardy, which is different from Celebrity Jeopardy in that the Power Players are mostly from news and politics, which is why the show strongly implies that they should be smarter, and they really should be, but they’re not.

The one person this week not from news or politics is Louis C. K. I’m not sure why he’s there, unless the designated Andy Richter for the year, the comedian brought in to make the supposed smart guys look stupid. Or maybe he’s the Kevin O’Leary, the Shark Tank star brought in to look stupid himself.

We’ll find out tomorrow.

Speaking of such things, I notice that Wolf Blitzer isn’t competing this year. I guess he got tired of getting his butt handed to him.

Tonight’s celebrities — Anderson Cooper, Lana Logan and Michael Steele — aren’t much better that O’Leary and Blitzer, but at least they all ended up above zero. Still: Shouldn’t the people who shape public policy and opinion be better informed?

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