Who still blogs anymore?

So, how about that — I’m posting four days in a row! I think that’s more than I posted all last year!

Back in the heyday of blogging, when it was still new and fresh and a bright sparkling oddity, I posted four times in a typical day. People were actually reading blogs back then, and there a lot fewer blogs.

Now, blogs are yesterday’s news, and what blogs do get read are corporate rubber-stamped eyeball fodder, churned out in a jaded attempt to rack up clicks. A few hardy individuals do still write personal blogs, on topics of genuine interest to themselves and others, but it’s hard to stay vigilant.

Believe me, I know.

crepesAnyway, here’s an example of what I’m talking about: A new food blog, Mockingbird Kitchen, started by my young cousin Mary.

Okay, okay — my cousin’s young granddaughter.

I’m old, are you happy now?

Anyway, check it out, and whenever you run across a blog that’s done with genuine interest and passion, please bookmark that blog and keep going back to it, and leave comments for the blogger.

Otherwise, the click-bait pseudobloggers have already won.

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