“Back to the Future” is Now!

Welcome to the future 2015

It’s Back to the Future day! Specifically, it’s the day we’ve waited 26 years for (and not 30, like they keep saying on the news, because the future wasn’t actually shown until BotF 2 in 1989) to see just exactly how much lamer it would be than the movie version … and it’s pretty lame!

Here is Time Magazine’s tally of the accuracy (or lack of same) for predictions of 2015 in Back to the Future II.

A more detailed look at the predictions:

Here’s what I want: An automatic fruit dispenser And also a Black & Decker pizza rehydrator!

The Cubs win the 2015 World Series! Or is that just in the alternate timeline?

And finally, two things: A collection of the best BotF fan art, and a sampling of fan art from all over the net. Here’s one of my favorites:


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