NaBloPoMo Day 4: Missed day 3 — OOPS!

Anyway, in keeping with the April topic of “Fresh”, we recently got AT&T Uverse — We’ve wanted it for a long time, but they only recently expanded into our area. Not only is it great, but the whole home package is about $60 less than our previous total for Time Warner Cable and AT&T phone and internet!

Not only are our download speeds 8 times better on this new plan than before, but now we’re getting tons more channels, and most of them are HD — in every room! With TWC, we only had the cable box in one room, and that was the only one that we could get the three-digit channels on, not to mention any four-digit channels at all.

And now, I don’t work for AT&T, and I’m not getting paid for saying this. In fact, Uverse gave us a lot of problems at first, four significant ones, in fact, stemming from the installation (1. No wifi outside of the computer room; 2. After that problem was fixed, one of our TVs stopped getting a signal from its box; 3. The Uverse power supply in the garage was beeping at all hours of the day or night; and 4. Well, that’s an entirely separate post!). But in spite of all that, we still LOVE Uverse.

So, yes, this is a huge new [Fresh!] development in our lives — not just the new channels, but also the easy-to-use DVR system and the extended show info screens.

I highly recommend it.

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