Poppin’ “Fresh”!

Okay! I’ve been meaning to add some fresh posts to my blog, since I intend to kick my career networking mojo into high gear, and having a thriving, current blog would be a huge part of that … and then today, first day of the month, I hear about this National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo), similar to NaNoWriMo and NaMoSoAlMo, but not as grueling and yet funnier sounding) — and hey! Just what the “doctor” ordered! [Figure of speech: No actual medical professionals were involved.]

Plus, the theme is “Fresh”, which couldn’t be more appropriate. My only reservation [Figure of speech: No actual Native American lands, yada yada …] is that the site sponsoring t his is BlogHer, and I am, through no fault of my own, a blogHIM.

Maybe no one from there will read this, or having read, rat me out.

ANYWAY: Whether or not I’m “officially participating”, I have an impetus (look it up — Seriously, look it up, I might be using it wrong) to post daily, plus, I can feel my old blogger-smartassiness raising its unattractive head, and that is a victory in itself.

So keep checking in, and buckle your social media belt. It’s gonna be a bumpy month.

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