Happy Thankfulnessfeeling Day!

Mmmmm, gourds!… in which we Americans kick off the holiday season with the traditional Stuffing of the Face.

I hope you’ll pause a moment and feel lucky to have what you have, and realize that there were times in your life when you didn’t have it so good.

For instance: Earlier this week, I bought a pecan pie, as required by Texas law, and today, my wife’s customers at the beauty shop gave her THREE more pies — which makes us a four-pie family this holiday.

For which I am thankful.

And this year I have a job which just keeps getting better, and I’m also getting better at my music projects, and my wife and I just celebrated 13 years of marriage, and we have two beautiful and hilarious doggies, and we have an appreciation of life and the arts and entertainment.

And a lot of people don’t.

So look around you and like it.

Feels good, right?

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