Back to the Bjork

It was about four years ago that I started becoming fascinated with Iceland in general, and that bizarre crazycakes entity known as Bjork in particular.

Today I remembered that SNL recently did a news segment with Her Wackness (played by Kristen Wiig) explaining Iceland’s economic crisis, and I realized I haven’t checked out Hulu in a long time, so hey: Two birds, one stone, no waiting:

The absolute bestest part: “Right now, Iceland gets all of its revenue from three sources: Fishing, dragons, and screaming.”

Ha ha ha haaaa! That’s pure comedy genius!

Because it’s Bjork all over.

Don’t believe me? here’s her “Bachelorette” video; discruminating film enthusiasts will detect Michel Gondry’s fingerprints all over it:

3 Responses to “Back to the Bjork”

  1. Celibataire Says:

    Bjork is probably the most known export product of Island. Perhaps she should release a new album in order to get the country out of the economic crisis :)

  2. RennyBA Says:

    Very popular in Norway to off course as a Nordic fellow. We call her or write the name Bjørk.

  3. brykm2 Says:

    Celibataire: Hey, genius takes a while! Especially when you’re crazy!

    I still haven’t listened to Volta, which she released in 2007. I’m still wary after Medulla, lol!

    Renny: I’m aware of the correct spelling, but in English we use the “o” out of convenience, since it’s harder on our computers to access that Swedish-meatball-on-a-toothpick! We also therefore pronounce it “Byork”, but I understand that it’s more like “Byerk”, right? And it’s Icelandic for “Birch”, right? See? I’m not totally ignorant!

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