Second Life?? I barely have a First!

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Well, I finally did it: I finally broke down and checked into Second Life. I heard about it a couple of years ago, but never really got motivated to check it out, and lately I’ve been hearing that it’s over the hump, and was never really all it was cracked up to be.

Besides, I’ve done the Everquest thing, so I know how involving those virtual worlds can be, and I needed to put my time into other projects..

And I’ve done the thing, so I also know how UN-involving virtual worlds can be. So I blew it off.

But now, Second Life happens to be intersecting with one of my other projects — and it’s free, and I’m unemployed, and on Friday it was an alternative to driving an 80 mile round trip — so I finally took the plunge.

As it turns out, it was a great time, both Friday night and all day Saturday, with several RPMers and even a few civilians gathering their avatars in a virtual nightclub and having those avatars boogie down, as shown in the above picture, to music that WE wrote and recorded.

A great feeling it is, to see people (virtual in this case) dancing to your music.

The dancer in this case is not one of the fellow musicians, but rather a lady named Mazzie from Australia. (I’m posting this particular picture because she didn’t believe that her normally silver outfit was giving off a distinctly green hue for an hour or so.)

I also promised several people a shout-out, including Mazzie, Gwenette Writer (another non-RPMer, but something of a mover-and-shaker within Second Life), Fence Flatley (our DJ for the evening and an RPM musician in Omaha, whose artist name is One Inch From Midget), Ruby’s Cannon (who wrote me a very complimentary email about my music), Jigjaw from London, England, Sister Savage from Bristol, England (I told her, “We have a dog named Bristol!”)
and … well, I can’t remember the others right now, but there were lots of us, and lots of strangers getting exposed to our music.

Oh, and Domestic Science wasn’t there at the party, but she also gave me a nice compliment about my music in an email, so I’m giving her a mention and a link as well …

Go to the RPM Jukebox, click Library, and check out these artists and others. You’ll be glad you did.

(Note to old college buddy Terry: Find Ruby’s Cannon in the Jukebox and listen to their stuff, especially 442, and see if it reminds you to Pat Travers.)

4 Responses to “Second Life?? I barely have a First!”

  1. Mazzie Says:

    Hey Brykmantra!
    You’re right, is very green in that shot, maybe that toxic hue came from that nasty looking cigarette in my mouth?
    Anyways, great way to spend an Aussie Sunday afternoon listening to the cool music and chatting with folks from all over the world, good to see!
    And hope to see more of the same in SL!
    Cheers to you from Australia
    Mazzie :)

  2. RennyBA Says:

    Haven’t been in My Second Life for a while – to busy in my First. But: Its pretty cool and I really enjoy travelling around.
    I guess you would know how to find my Avatar :-)

    Btw: Happy April Fool’s Day. Come on over and see how easy to fool Norwegians and don’t say I did not warned you :lol:

  3. RennyBA Says:

    Hello – me again :lol: Just here to wish you a great weekend!

  4. logtar Says:

    WoW is so much better ;)

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