Thursday Pinpoint, Vol. 1

I’m going to try something this week. It’s hard to explain, but it’s about how there can be lots of material on one tiny little pinpoint subject.

This week: Videos of people playing the Ventures’ 60s surf hit, “Walk Don’t Run”.

The power of Web 2.0: Anyone can have a global audience!

It’s great to see that the young folks are helping to preserve the classics:


An eight-year-old Japanese girl!

Acoustic trio!

From 80s German TV!

The way it was meant to be played: In a leisure suit at a wedding party!

Another youngster showing appreciation for the classics:

And finally, the real thing: The Ventures!

3 Responses to “Thursday Pinpoint, Vol. 1”

  1. RennyBA Says:

    Great music – thanks fro sharing, but hey: I was expecting a St. Patrick’s post today – maybe tomorrow?

    Your welcome over to read my report from the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Oslo, Norway :-)

    Happy SPD tomorrow too!

  2. brykm2 Says:

    It’s still the 16th here, Renny! Be patient — I’ve still got 30 hours before St. Patrick’s Day is past!

  3. Cisco Says:

    I NEVER forget about you on this day. Have a good one!!!

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