Dark Tower & A Beauty Salon

I had a long post going last night, but it was too late to finish it … and I just don’t feel like it tonight, so here’s something different: Somebody on Flickr had pictures of dozens of board games he had gotten at resale stores over the years, and one of the games was The Dark Tower.

I thought I had blogged about it at one point in the past five years, since I know I found a flash version of the game online, but I guess I didn’t.

The reason I tried to find it was because a couple of commenters had never heard of the game, and some others of us were trying to explain it.

It was really, really cool: There was a big plastic tower in the middle of the board with a computerized number readout (pretty Jetsons for 1982!), and illustration slides that spun around to show your loot, your inventory, and your attackers. Bonus points: Orson Welles did the TV commercials! (It was a year or so before his death.)

Anyway, I found an even sweeter flash version, so click here to play it!

And speaking of Orson Welles, here’s a bizarre comedy sketch that features The Great Director, Dean Martin, and Jimmy Stewart:

2 Responses to “Dark Tower & A Beauty Salon”

  1. kim Says:

    I remember your post about it before. I hadn’t thought about that game in years, and probably never would have remembered it except for your post. That game rocked!

  2. brykm2 Says:

    Aha! Since you remembered my post too, I went back and did a CORRECT search for it this time, and found it in my archives — September 2004, to be exact.

    Yeah, it was cool. It had a clunky plastic-and-lightbulb interface, but the fact is that it was one of the first computerized games, and was so much more fun than Simon or Merlin.

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