Music and Videos and One Other Thing

Okay, we’re going with the “5” bullets because nothing else has struck me as being worthy. (You DO remember I’ve been blogging for 5 years, right? Just checking …)

Okay, let’s do it:

First off, for Yay Kim: I’m assuming you know about February Album Writing Month — but since you just did this kind of thing, I’m also assuming you’re going to take a pass this time around.

I’m tempted — really, really tempted — but I think for now I need to work on my other projects (there are at least three that need my attention, chief of which is job-hunting.

Not that I couldn’t take on another project, but the fact is that in the three weeks until the contest starts I would have to become much, much more musician-like than I am at this point in time in order to do the project in February without putting everything else on hold. That’s what I don’t have time for.

Speaking of Chicks with Guitars, I’ve run across some sites and tunes for Rocket, the all-girl semi-punk band that I remembered from The Next Great American Band on Fox a couple of months ago. The reason I bring it up is because they sound a lot better than they did on the show. I really should have looked them up earilier, because I already knew that TV networks don’t know how to make music sound good, especially when it’s musicians performing on reality shows, especially on Fox.

Anyway, check out their site, linked above, and their MySpace site, which has probably the coolest design I’ve seen of any pro musicians on MySpace.

Here’s their music video of “Cougar Rush”, the best of their videos on YouTube:

But if you really want to hear their music, go to their official site.

Speaking of music videos, Boing Boing had some links to lots of old videos today, including one song I had been thinking about for some reason, from the 8th grade year: Green Tambourine — and now here’s the music video that I’ve never seen before:

There was also this one from about 15 years later, the height of the MTV craze:

And now for something completely different, not music or video at all:

This just in: HILLARY IS DEAD!

No, not that one, the Mt. Everest guy.

4 Responses to “Music and Videos and One Other Thing”

  1. kim Says:

    Yep… I’m passing on the February challenge. I don’t think I have another 14.5 songs. I’m also passing on the RPM Challenge.

    The problem with waiting until you become much more musician-like is that you might never become that unless you do this kind of thing. :)

    I like that chick band. And you’re right.. one of the nicest MySpace pages I’ve seen.

  2. brykm2 Says:

    That’s a good point about waiting. But the thing is, I’ve become more musician-like over just the past year, with my Cakewalk programs. Still not enough, but my point is that I did it without preparing for one of the challenges.

    Is there another challenge like this and RPM and NaSoAlMo before next November, like in the summer? If so, I might shoot for it.

    The other thing is that Karlyn & I have to learn how to record on her Boss BR900CD, otherwise I would be doing all instrumentals, and that just doesn’t seem sporting.

    Anyway, I’m checking out RPM as we speak, and I registered (without actually signing up for the challenge), so you never know.

  3. kim Says:

    I don’t know of any other challenges before November. I’m listening to some of the RPM music now. They have a slick interface!

  4. brykm2 Says:

    I listened to some last night, it was pretty good. It would take forever to listen to even one category! So I have to remember to listen whenever I’m working at my computer, so I can at least make a dent in it …

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