Everybody dance now!

Yeah, yeah, I need to post. Excuuuuuse me, I’ve been job-hunting.

Details later, but for now … I mentioned Oblivion (on Saturday, keep up), so here’s a hilarious (for the first 2 minutes, you can blow it off after that) “modded” sequence. Check out the innkeeper about 54 seconds in, and the monks at 1:30:

Everybody dance now!

2 Responses to “Everybody dance now!”

  1. todn8r Says:

    That was cool!!!! I need to learn that

  2. brykm2 Says:

    It’s just a mod, but I think it’s only for PC; though you might try to search for mods for the PS3, but I’m not sure how they would work. Also, I don’t know what kind of screen capture apps there are for the consoles.

    I’d like to do this in the barracks at Cloud Ruler Temple, right at shift change, with the main character dancing in her underwear, and all the guards dancing around her …

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