In Tod We Trust

It’s Todn8r‘s birthday today, and if he had bothered to give me his current email address, I would have already sent my birthday greetings personally, but since he didn’t, I feel forced to post this very flattering photo of him wearing the jersey of his favorite sports team in the world.

Isn’t that right, Todn8r? You like the ‘Skins, dontcha?

Anyway, happy birthday, old man! (I gave you your present earlier in the year, when I talked you into playing Oblivion. You’re welcome.)

3 Responses to “In Tod We Trust”

  1. todn8r Says:

    Why that one!!!! You know the skins rarely get a win against the boys. that was a bad bet, but had to live up to it. thanks for the bday wish and the present you talked me into buying for myself.

    GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!ôäÉ“21!!!!!!!

  2. brykm2 Says:

    Ha ha! I think that was the only picture I had of you, and since I didn’t have your current email (I do now, thanks to your comment), this was my only alternative.

    So are you still in contact with Marrissa, to give her hell when, I mean IF, the ‘Boys beat the ‘Skins?

  3. todn8r Says:

    oh yeah you know it!

    IF my @$$, they will dominate the skins.

    How’s life treating you? email me

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