Of Magical Cards & Invisible Braces

Okay, more random things, plus things I’ve been meaning to get around to:

There’s a card game coming to the market soon for PS3 that’s like a 3D version of Magic the Gathering. It’s played with cards, but a webcam is pointed at the playing board and each card is represented on the screen in glorious animated 3D. I can’t remember if I mentioned this when I first saw it on G4TV a couple of months ago, but now there’s some great YouTube videos that actually do justic to the concept:

Wow. The whole concept is mind-blowing.

And now there’s one reason to own a PS3.

I keep forgetting to mention that I got to see Dr. Mary, World’s Greatest Dentist, last week. That’s always a joy — and no, I’m not being my usual sarcastic self. She and her husband have been friends with my wife and her family for a long time, plus she and I have so much in common, and she has such a wonderful personality. I took out my camera to take her picture (since, surprisingly, we still didn’t have any pictures of her after all these years), she didn’t shrink back and play shy like everybody else does; she bared her teeth and got really close to the camera.

It turns out that she got some new Invisalign braces and wanted to show them off for the camera.

It’s a professional thing, I guess, like the time I showed off pictures of my computer’s shiny new power supply.

Anyway, here’s the picture of the dentist I’m always raving about, in case you were curious.

Remember The Verve from about ten years ago, from their catchy little hit “Bittersweet Symphony”? They broke up, but recently they recorded a fourteen-minute jam session — dubbed “The Thaw Sessions” — and now NME (New Musical Express, the legendary British music magazine) have made an MP3 of the sessions available for download — but only for a couple more days. Grab it while you can, because it’s pretty interesting.

I keep not mentioning this too, which I found out about a couple of weeks ago: There’s a Game Show Hall of Fame! Woo-hoo!

Sorry, I’m a game show geek from way back; the old masters like Cullen, Eubanks, and yes, Barker were better than sports stars to me.

And finally, thanks so much to everybody who have been writing in and calling all day — fellow bloggers, and former coworkers — to offer condolences as to my new condition of being unemployed … although in the case of the present and former employees of the company, it’s more like the living envying the dead. Those who are still there are all stressed and panicking, assuming the worst for themselves and most everyone else.

It’s very sad, especially for those of us who remember the better days.

Oh well. Like I said yesterday: I stared down cancer. I can definitely handle this.

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