Lots of Different Things Revolving Around One Related Topic, For A Change

Several things I’ve been meaning to do, and I’m sure I won’t remember them all …

I’m finally pulling out the autumn leaf bullet point, even though the daily high temperatures are still in the low 90s, despite the attempts of a couple of weakling little “cool fronts” to crash the party …

Still, though, it’s been worse in some years past — 2005, for example — with 100+ temperatures hanging on almost until Halloween. This is better, but tonight it’s so humid that the heat index is +5.

Fortunately, I’ll be going to see my mom soon, and the nighttime lows have been around 15 degrees lower for the past couple of weeks where she lives, so that’ll be a nice crisp break.

Speaking of my mom, who, by the way, turns 87 next month, went to a high school football game last week, and got hit in the face with a football.

Don’t worry, she’s okay. She’s tough, she shook it right off.

Old folks are resilient like that.

Speaking of going to see my mom: If I weren’t the kind of person who wants to make sure that the music industry gets every penny it wants, even from 40-year-old material that isn’t even in print, here’s the album I’d make my mom a copy of: Martin Denny’s Hawaii Goes A Go-Go.

Seriously, she eats that stuff up. That shelf-top CD stereo unit I got her a couple of years ago was a great move on my part.

It’s just too bad that I’m above making illegal copies.

Nope, those three spindles full of blank CDs in my computer room are strictly in case I need to back up lots and lots of data on short notice.


Also speaking of that upcoming trip: I could get internet access while at my mom’s, but it’s not worth the hassle. First of all, I’m having trouble installing the CMOS battery in my old laptop, since I’m wary of taking too many parts of it apart, since you eventually get to that part of the laptop that’s pretty much impossible to get back together. (You folks who work on computers know what I mean.) Secondly, the old laptop is Windows 98, and the last time I tried to connect there, it never would connect, and the Southwestern Bell tech support people on the other side of the freaking planet were zero help at all, seeing as they had no technical knowledge at all and thus were totally dependent on their scripted flowcharts. And I’m sure not taking our new laptop unless I absolutely had to, because between baggage handlers and the security goons, there’s no guarantee that I’d actually get there and back with the thing.

And besides, it would just be a dialup connection {shudder} so it wouldn’t even be worth the trouble of hauling it there and back.

Anyway, it’ll probably do me some good to take a break from my normal 16-hours days in front of computers. Even the geek’s brain needs a break now and then.

Don’t worry though, I won’t be totally tech-deprived: I mailed my old Sega Dreamcast and several games to her house last week, so at least I’ll have something to do while I’m there. And I can leave it there for next time. Plus, for those times that relatives with kids that visit my mom, if the kids get agonizingly desperate for something to do while they’re there, they can get schooled on semi-old-school games like Ooga Booga, Space Channel 5, Bust A Move, and, of course, Sonic. Assuming they’ll be open-minded enough to try before-last-gen gaming.

Which they won’t be.

Which is too bad, because just talking about the games is making me look forward to playing …

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  1. RennyBA Says:

    well, if you forget, you can always go back to this list you’ve made.

    Wish you a wonderful trip and give your mom a big Norwegian hug from me :-)

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