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Halloween in Pictures & Video, Pt. 1

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Be very afraidAs you may know I’m not really into going on about Halloween, expecially since it seems to be so much about horror movies these days, but there are some interesting things that always happen on and around it, like for instance:

This may look like something out of the original War of the Worlds or some other 50’s sci-fi about alien invasion, but this scary looking device is a perm machine from around 1947. Check out the larger view to see exactly how scary those thick jumper cables actually look.

I took the picture in my hometown’s museum earlier this month while visiting my mom.

Check this out: Samurai costume made from Rubbermaid trash cans.

This isn’t Bristol, even though it looks a lot like him, and Bristol certainly has a pirate streak about him …

And finally: I’ve blogged about this kind of thing before, where people recut movies to make them into very believable trailers of completely different movies. So now, in the spirit of The Shining as a sappy Nora Ephron “comedy” and Sleepless in Seattle as a supernatural thriller, now here’s … SCARY MARY:

Happy Halloween everybody … !

Pre-Halloween Grab Bag

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Don’t let anybody tell you that unemployment isn’t a lot of work; my wife is online every night, finding job leads and forwarding them to me faster than I can read them, much less send out my resume. So far there’s one editor position at a marketing/self-help media company that I want so bad I can taste it, and several other possibilities that aren’t as tantalizing, but still perfectly acceptable as gainful employment. I keep track of what I’ve sent out by printing out the websites where I applied.

I’ve also had doctor appointments today, trying to squeeze them in before the 31st, and I’ve got another tomorrow.

I’m going to have to go back to work just to get some rest …

Also, I promised The Wife that I’d cook tonight, and she wanted my special blackened chicken, which I haven’t made in a long time. If I do say so myself, that was one of my best meals ever; I have to give partial credit to Gordon Ramsay, whose restaurant makeover show on BBC America is what I was watching while I cooked. It was definitely an inspiration.

Vickie scooped me on the death of Robert Goulet tonight, but failed to scoop me last night on Porter Wagoner.

Yes, I know it’s grim, but it’s just a little game we play. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve people’s deaths, but people managing to LIVE doesn’t seem to generate the headlines anymore …

This is interesting:, where you can put music tracks together to make little songs. (Via Attack of the Show.)

And finally: Ninja Parade Slips Through Town Unnoticed Once Again:

Oh Crud, It’s Getting Late, Better Post …

Monday, October 29th, 2007

… Quick, brain, think of something to post!

Brain says, “Okay, how about …”

“… trotting out the old pumpkin bullet point? It’s not like Halloween is only two days away or anything …”

Speaking of Time getting away from Brain, I didn’t realize until almost 24 hours after the fact that the World Series was over, or that Boston actually won again. I didn’t even realize that they were shutting out the Rockies, or, for that matter, how many games had been played …

I don’t follow sports, okay?? The only World Series I remember were 1969 (Mets!), 1989 (earthquake!), and 2004 (Red Sox! I only remember because it was integral to Lost!)

Good Eats tonight had an episode on peanuts, and featured the ghost of George Washington Carver. Pretty cool.

Mmmm, peanuts …

Seriously, it was so good I had to go down a couple of handfuls of salty goobers.

I need to stop watching Food Network, really.

You might have heard this song on the new iPhone commercials (the one that goes “Music is my boyfriend…”), so here it is in its entirety, with video goodness:

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout to my newest friend Ed, who is introducing me to his networking mega-group, and to a resume doctor who can possibly resuscitate my ailing resume …

Okay, that’s all, see y’all tomorrow …

Hair Nightmare

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

My wife went to a beauty show today … or should I say, “beauty” show, considering this picture:

Click for larger view

I just hope she doesn’t get any ideas from the show, especially since I’ll be due for a haircut pretty soon …

Early Halloween

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Who says the unemployed can’t have fun? A band we know called Last Man Standing (classic rock cover band) was playing a Halloween night at a local restaurant tonight, so we went to check them out, and to see some of our other friends.

And since we ate before we went and didn’t drink anything, we managed to have an enjoyable evening at zero cost (except for a minimal amount of gasoline). Plus we got some nice pictures and drunk-dancing videos I’ll post later.

And NO that’s not me in the pimp outfit. We don’t even know him, but he was handy and consented to the picture, so here he is.

3 Short Items

Friday, October 26th, 2007

Three quick things, since I’m not going to spend a lot of time posting today:

1. Video of the San Diego wildfires, taken by an actual resident of the area:

2. I’ve been meaning to post this for months, and keep forgetting: G4TV’s Morgan Webb has a … um … videoblog? I don’t remember what the term is, but it’s called The Webb Alert, and it’s really insightful as well as entertaining (bonus point: she’s not difficult to look at), so check it out.

3. One thing I’ve been doing instead of posting today is exchanging emails (and, in many cases, some very interesting information!) with my now-ex-coworkers, and the latest of those ex-cowerkers was none other than a frequent commenter here, FractL, who proved over a year ago that she was smarter than me by getting a job elsewhere. FractL and I have similar tastes in music, so I had a lot to rattle on about.

So maybe I’ll post more tomorrow, after my camera battery is charged back up (that’s excuse #4).

Of Magical Cards & Invisible Braces

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Okay, more random things, plus things I’ve been meaning to get around to:

There’s a card game coming to the market soon for PS3 that’s like a 3D version of Magic the Gathering. It’s played with cards, but a webcam is pointed at the playing board and each card is represented on the screen in glorious animated 3D. I can’t remember if I mentioned this when I first saw it on G4TV a couple of months ago, but now there’s some great YouTube videos that actually do justic to the concept:

Wow. The whole concept is mind-blowing.

And now there’s one reason to own a PS3.

I keep forgetting to mention that I got to see Dr. Mary, World’s Greatest Dentist, last week. That’s always a joy — and no, I’m not being my usual sarcastic self. She and her husband have been friends with my wife and her family for a long time, plus she and I have so much in common, and she has such a wonderful personality. I took out my camera to take her picture (since, surprisingly, we still didn’t have any pictures of her after all these years), she didn’t shrink back and play shy like everybody else does; she bared her teeth and got really close to the camera.

It turns out that she got some new Invisalign braces and wanted to show them off for the camera.

It’s a professional thing, I guess, like the time I showed off pictures of my computer’s shiny new power supply.

Anyway, here’s the picture of the dentist I’m always raving about, in case you were curious.

Remember The Verve from about ten years ago, from their catchy little hit “Bittersweet Symphony”? They broke up, but recently they recorded a fourteen-minute jam session — dubbed “The Thaw Sessions” — and now NME (New Musical Express, the legendary British music magazine) have made an MP3 of the sessions available for download — but only for a couple more days. Grab it while you can, because it’s pretty interesting.

I keep not mentioning this too, which I found out about a couple of weeks ago: There’s a Game Show Hall of Fame! Woo-hoo!

Sorry, I’m a game show geek from way back; the old masters like Cullen, Eubanks, and yes, Barker were better than sports stars to me.

And finally, thanks so much to everybody who have been writing in and calling all day — fellow bloggers, and former coworkers — to offer condolences as to my new condition of being unemployed … although in the case of the present and former employees of the company, it’s more like the living envying the dead. Those who are still there are all stressed and panicking, assuming the worst for themselves and most everyone else.

It’s very sad, especially for those of us who remember the better days.

Oh well. Like I said yesterday: I stared down cancer. I can definitely handle this.

The Nightmare Ends …

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

I got let go at work today (along with at least two other people from other departments), so tomorrow I go into job-hunting mode. And frankly, it’s a relief. I’ve had a feeling this was going to happen for some time now, since there have been lots of sneaky, supposedly secret things going on (hence the reason for checking out job-hunting books this past weekend), so this was no big shock. (I doubt the other people saw it coming, though, so I feel bad for them.)

Anyway, I’m okay with this, and I’ve even sent out a few resumes before today. After all, the last time I was job-hunting, there was barely an internet, I didn’t have a cell phone, I wasn’t a certified computer techinician, and I didn’t have a video editing experience, as well as other skills.

Besides, I’ve stared down cancer since then, so this is barely a ripple.

Oh, and one more thing: My ex-boss thinks I don’t know he’s aware of my blog, and I get the feeling he’s going to be checking out what I write on the day I got the boot, to see if I write anything incriminating.

And to that I say: Knock yourself out. It’s about time you figured out that I can do something besides shuffle paper.

As for all of my regular readers, let’s have some fun!

First: A hamster eating popcorn on a piano!:

Next: The Angry Leprechaun!

And finally, in the ultimate tribute, “Dude — I dare you to touch that guy’s bald spot!”:

Anyway, keep checking back in — I may actually have some time to post more now, and time to find stuff to post, at least until I can get myself chained to a desk again.

Day at the Museum

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

I haven’t posted much this past week because I’ve been too caught up with coping with the situation at work — and of course when I say “coping with”, I mean “desperately trying to find another job in order to escape”.

Anyway, a picture is supposedly worth a thousand rambling pointless words, so check out the hometown museum pictures I’ve posted to Flickr. There’s some pretty interesting stuff, and I’m not even through uploading yet …

Stormy Weather

Monday, October 15th, 2007

(Click for the larger picture.)

Here’s some of what I experienced visiting my mom last week: This was taken on Wednesday evening, and we had just come in from one of the worst dirt storms I had ever experienced — and for someone who grew up in West Texas, that’s really saying something. Not only was there a prodigious amount of dirt at high speeds (I’d estimate it was upward of 40 MPH), but the skies were full of thunder and lightning.

Plus, all the street lights had been knocked out somehow, so it was especially scary. (Fortunately electricity to homes was still functioning.)

What’s on the screen above is about ten minutes after the storm blew through, to the southeast.

Yes, going back to the old stomping grounds is always an adventure …