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Monkey Business

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

Monkey Business!Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

Monkey Business.

And finally:

Monk eBusiness.

Last-Day-of-Summer Grab Bag

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

Tomorrow’s the first day of autumn, and yet it almost hit 100 degrees here today.

Welcome to Texas.

But fortunately, a cold front (and rain!) is supposed to blow in tonight, so let’s haul out the blazing sun icon for hopefully the last time this year:

The Spook sends this link: Doonesbury strips through the years, in five year intervals. On the day he sent it to me, it was the day of Boopsie’s first appearance in 1971.

He and I hadn’t started reading the strip at the time, not starting college until a couple of years later, but D’bury was a big part of our college experience during the Watergate era, so seeing these old episodes is a big monochrome flashback.

And here’s something back at The Spook: The Beer Cannon. There are several videos, but I picked the Best-Of montage as a good sampling of the weapon’s capabilities, and because it shows slow motion destruction to the tune of the 1812 Overture.

The downside: A lot of beer is wasted.

Mitigating factor: It’s Milwaukee’s Best Light.

Bonus points: Sometimes they fire sausage instead of beer, which is not ruined by the process, and in fact might often be improved.

And speaking of The Spook, and videos of destruction set to powerful classical music:

Hey Spook, did you get the CD I mailed you, and did you watch the animation?? If so, why no response?

Since I sent it, I’ve added the Green Army’s battlefront (consisting of several bad-ass tanks), plus their jets, plus moutains in the background of both fronts, and a grove of trees on the purple side.

Plus, one of the tanks blowed up real good.

Anyway, let me know if you got it.

Check out this Flickr set: Photos of the Washington state town (Roslyn) that posed as Cicely, Alaska, on Northern Exposure, one of my all-time favorite shows.

And finally, here’s a shout to one of my newest readers: My newest co-worker, Misty, who is that rarest of humans: Someone who laughs at my jokes. I know she’ll get real tired of my humor real quick, like everybody else in the office, but for now it’s good to have an audience.

Yarrr …

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

Dang, I forgot (until this morning) that this is International Talk Like a Pirate Day — and after the big 19-day commemoration I did three years ago on my old blog …

Anyway, I’m too tired to toss about the seafaring lingo tonight, so I’ll just point you toward the official website, and, even better, to their Flickr page with hundreds of photos of people celebrating the day. (Also check out their public group of folks uploading their own pics — again, in the hundreds.)

All-Over-The-Place Miscellaneous

Monday, September 18th, 2006

Just to be posting, some quick things, without even any time-wasting numbering or bullet points to separate them:

Crikey, this is great: Editorial cartoon tributes to Steve Irwin. Especially considering that these cartoonists are professionals at making fun of people, these tributes are really touching and respectful.

Speaking of famous deaths: While the press has been obsessing about Anna Nicole Smith’s son, I didn’t even hear that international journalist Oriana Fallaci passed away last Friday from lung cancer.

And talented, long-time supporting actor, lesser known but still widely recognized, has passed away: Pat Corley, best known as Phil the bar owner on Murphy Brown, died a week ago. He also gained fame as the coroner on Hill Street Blues, and was in Oliver Stone’s first feature film.

History is all around us, if we just pay attention.

But hey, even death and doom, let’s perk things up a bit:

Who says Baby Boomers have never contributed anything to the world? Just look at this week in history:

Today is the 31st anniversary of Patty Hearst‘s arrest!

And tomorrow is the 24th birthday of the ASCII emoticon! Here’s the message board post that started it all:

19-Sep-82 11:44 Scott E Fahlman :-)
From: Scott E Fahlman

I propose that the following character sequence for joke markers:


Read it sideways. Actually, it is probably more economical to mark
things that are NOT jokes, given current trends. For this, use


The new TV season is starting to ramp up! Um … except there’s nothing good on tomorrow … and tonight the only good thing was the excellent Prison Break.

Maybe tomorrow will be better …

And finally: I got my eyes examined on Saturday, for the first time in three years … and it turns out that my left eye has actually gotten stronger! The optometrist tripled-checked the tests just to make sure, and said that she could make a significant decrease in the prescription strenght of my left lens.

Maybe my tumor had been dragging my whole body down …


Okay, there’s my post, thanks for checking in, and keep checking in!

Post O’ Guilt

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

Okay, just to get Vickie and my wife off my back, here’s some stuff:

1. On Monday evening I missed going on my daily lung-walk for the first time in over six weeks, because of a lightning storm rolling in. D’oh. Oh well, at least I got in six solid weeks without missing once.

2. Did you know that the Boy Scouts have a Merit Badge for Graphic Design? You do now.

This is just one of the cool designs of a Flickr user named Augiestyle, who has a great collection of designs in his gallery, and who is apparently a really big fan of the old TV miniseries V.

3, Are you all Nine-Elevened out, or is it just me? Seriously: Four years from now, will we be hearing as much about the fifth anniversary of the near destruction of the entire city of New Orleans?

No, because the country’s news and entertainment media isn’t headquartered in New Orleans.

4. And finally, a couple of my old college buds have sent in links: Terry sent The Flying Lawnmower (I saw this once on AFHV), and The Spook sent this teaser page for a high end camera that he’s lusting after.


Okay, I posted. Can I get back to being productive now?

Rainy Labor Day

Monday, September 4th, 2006

Rain! Finally! Our little burb has been passed by in recent weeks, but today it’s been raining lightly but steadily since before dawn, so our lawn and money are both saved.

So here’s some miscellaneous catching up:

CRIKEY: We were shocked to hear of the death of Steve Irwin, aka The Crocodile Hunter. Of course, as much as he flirted with danger on camera, this kind of thing seems inevitable in hindsight, but it’s still sad. Irwin inspired lots of kids to get interested in mingling with bugs and lizards, so he’s had a positive impact on the future of science, and that’s a good thing.

Here’s a reminder to myself to check something out when I have more time: Independent Film Channel’s Media Lab.

I saw “Media Lab Uploaded” in their schedule tonight, so I looked up their site, and it looks like yet another sign that TV & movie production is slowly but surely moving down here to us masses.

I don’t think we could do any worse.

The other thing that’s been distracting me lately: I found this blog post on the old world of BBS’s, which was effectively killed by the advent of “The Internets”.

The best part of the post, though, was that the author has kept his old BBS, The Cave BBS, going on Telnet, so I’ve been going back for nostalgia’s sake, and playing a MUD (text-only fantasy adventure game) that I’ve never played before.

I highly recommend checking it out, especially if you’ve never had the BBS experience. Here’s the address:


Maybe I’ll see you online, in the way we used to “see” each other there in the old days …

Posting out of guilt …

Sunday, September 3rd, 2006

Yes, yes, I haven’t posted since Tuesday; I’ve been hashing out some animation ideas (which are looking pretty cool, if I do say so myself), and if tomorrow weren’t a holiday, I probably wouldn’t be posting now …

But I just had to mention that Friday was the birthday of Steve, aka ILuvNUFC of Look at This, and I didn’t notice until yesterday, one day too late.

Please help me make up by going over and wishing him a Belated Happy One in his comments …

And, to make up to all of you for not posting, here’s a tiny bonus, courtesy of the aforesaid Steve: A Cool Collection of Pink Floyd wallpapers, including one that seems to feature the backs and insides on every PF album cover ever (I specifically looked for “Atom Heart Mother”, and there it was!).

I include this link for the specific benefit of readers/friends Todn8r and Fract_L, neither of whom I have heard from in quite a while, and what the heck’s up with that?

Anyway, another reason for the short post is that I couldn’t remember most of the stuff I was going to post about, but one thing that I do remember will have to wait until another day (keyword to self so I won’t forget again: “Cave”).

And did I mention: Holiday tomorrow? I believe I did! Woo-hoo! Temporary relief from workplace oppression!